About Kaizen Beauty Academy.

Kaizen Beauty Academy is the premier institution for learning to create beauty, gradually over time.

Everyday Kaizen Beauty Academy students learn and improve their skills to make the world a more beautiful place.

Kai·zen (K`ī-z`en) – The Japanese art of continuous improvement.
Beau·ty (Byoo-tee) – The quality in a thing that gives intense pleasure from sensory manifestation.
A·cad·e·my (uh-kad-uh-me) – A secondary or higher school, esp. a private one

Makeover your career and enter a lucrative beauty profession.

With cosmetology training and hair design programs to nail technology, skincare, and makeup courses, the road to a beautiful career is shorter than you think.

Whether you become a stylist to the stars, a salon owner, or even a traveling makeup artist, there are no boundaries when it comes to beauty talents. You will get to work with fascinating clients, express your creativity, and make a healthy living, all while making others feel good about themselves.