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The Best Beauty School

by Bella Gonzalez

The Best Beauty School

Which beauty school is the best in the country? In the world? The best beauty school is the one that is best for you, but how do you know which beauty school is best for you?  There are a number of factors that go into determining which beauty school is best.  Here are the top ten factors that go into deciding which beauty school is the best.

1. Licensed by State

The first and most essential thing to look for at a beauty school is it licensed by the state.  Every state has a board of cosmetology or licensure that oversees all beauty schools.  If the school is not licensed in the state that it is located in then there is a good chance when you graduate from that school you will not be able to take the state exam or get licensed yourself.  Without a license you will not be able to work in the beauty industry.  Always make sure the school is licensed by the state.

2. Accredited

Accreditation is recognition by a national organization that the school meets the high standards they set forth.  Schools must go through a rigorous approval process, where every aspect of the school from student files to financial stability is reviewed.  There are many quality accrediting agencies such as NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts and Sciences)that will provide you with information about approved schools in your area.

3. Exam pass rate Grad rate employment rate

Next review the school’s graduation rate, licensure rate and employment rate.  Most states and accrediting agencies require this information be made public either on the schools website or provided upon request.  Dont put too much weight into these numbers because they can fluctuate wildly between schools.  A small school with only a few students and with one drop can look much worse than a big school with many drops.  Simply review the numbers and ask questions if you are concerned.

4. Financial aid

Financial Aid is not available for every program and not every student qualifies for financial aid but if you are interested and think you may qualify it is something you may consider.  Beauty school can be costly and financial aid can help.  Many students qualify for grants and scholarships  that don’t have to be paid back.  The first step in obtaining financial aid is the completion of a FAFSA application.

5. Reviews

Today it is easier than ever to learn more about a school or business by reading their online reviews.  Websites like google and yelp provide valuable information about what the school is really like.  In general though it’s important to remember that only the happiest and angriest often post online reviews.    Read all the reviews and the comments,  a sign of a good business is when they respond to negative reviews.  Do they accept blame and fault or do they argue with the reviewer? Is there a second side to the story that the reviewer may not have been aware of?

6. Awards

Did the school win any awards? There are many local and national awards including the prestigious Modern Salon Excellence in Education Award that the best beauty schools win.  Local TV stations and newspapers often do “best of” or top ten lists every year.  Schools that have student salons can and do win these awards.  Look for “best of”  lists in your area to see if any schools have won.

7. Class size

Is the school big with 40-60 students to a class or is it more intimate with less than 20.  Some students can learn in big auditorium style classes where as others prefer smaller more boutique style classes.  Also its important to remember beauty school is very hands on so you must take into consideration the larger the class the less time the instructor has to work directly with you the student.  If the class has 60 students then the teacher can only spend 1 minute an hour with you where as a class of 10 gives you 6 minutes of individual attention.

8. branded school

Is the school branded? Is it owned by one major product company where you will learn only that product line and nothing else or is it independent where many different products are used.  If you love a particular product line and only want to work in that one company’s salon then a branded school may be perfect for you.  If you prefer the freedom to learn many different product lines and have the flexibility to work anywhere  then an independent school may be a better fit.

9. Events

Does the school do events? Many schools do various events throughout the year such as fashion shows, beauty pageants and charity events.  Also many schools host continuing education and advanced training in their school.  Some schools have even brought in celebrity stylists to teach the students.

10.  Visit the school

The most important factor in deciding which beauty school is best for you is visit as many schools as possible.  Speak to the director, teachers, students and staff.  Sit in on a class.  Get to know as many people as possible and make sure it’s the right school for you.  Compare as many schools as possible.  Deciding where to go to beauty school is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.  Put in as much time, effort and research as possible before committing to a school.



About Bella Gonzalez

  1. Great place. The students do a fantastic job! I always gave my hair and pedicure appointments there. I had a Keratin treatment and my hair has been gorgeous for a long time. I always get compliments on my color and style.
    The students are competent, enthusiastic, friendly, and enjoy their work. Sonetimes two students will work together. Great manager also. Teachers are very knowledgeable.

    Comment by Marian on April 21, 2016 at 1:29 am
  2. Marian thank you very much for the kind words. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Comment by Justin Nepola on April 22, 2016 at 5:34 pm

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