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Full Specialist Program

Facial Specialist and Nail Technician training in one program!

About Our Full Specialist Program

The objective of this program and curriculum is to provide complete training in the field of Facial Specialist and Nail Technician for students interested in employment in fine salon or spas. The students will be prepared for the final examination in order to be registered as a licensed Full Specialist. After completing the necessary credit hours and services, the students will receive a Diploma stating that they have satisfactorily completed the course.  Registered Full Specialist opportunities include Nail Technician, Facial Specialist and Salon Manager among others.

This program combines the knowledge of two disciplines, Facial Specialist and Nail Technician. The students will develop skills in facial techniques, hair removal, makeup applications, manicure, pedicure, nail art and artificial nail work. Upon successful completion of the program hours, clinic services and final exam, the students will receive a certificate of completion and will be registered with the State for licensing.

What You’ll Learn


The objective of this course is to describe the basic principles needed to plan and operate a salon as a successful business; to learn to apply for and fill out employment applications, study lease terms and negotiations, describe the legal forms of ownership, become aware or insurance needs, understand the basic accounting principles of business, understand techniques for interviewing prospective employees and techniques of filling out employment applications.  The students will also learn to select and have a good image that will reflect their personal style and will express their confidence in their profession and respect towards others.


Sanitation and disinfection is of vital importance for infection control, client’s safety and one’s safety. The student will be very familiar with the rules and regulations to sanitize implements and equipment in the salon.


The students will learn to identify the composition of the skin, the different types of skin and its functions, as well as diseases of the skin and the treatment rendered to treat such diseases and care for their skin.


The students will be trained in the different types of facials and basic corrective treatment and maintenance techniques, application of electrical techniques in facials, dermatological, mechanical and chemical reactions of light therapy, and the use of proper methods to guarantee the health and well bring of the clients.


The students will learn the chemical composition of cosmetics and their classification. They will become familiar with products such as: suspensions, solutions, emulsions, pomades, soaps and powders in order to obtain better results when performing a service.


The students will learn that light therapy may be used to produce beneficial effects on the body by the use of treatments in which rays of light waves are used.


The students will become familiar with the preferences for different methods and the clients’ need to eliminate unwanted corporal hair, and to recommend to the client the most adequate way of such removal. They will also learn the temporary and permanent procedures available and the use of electrolysis and the application, rules and regulations of such a service.


The students will learn the different designs and tendencies of make up related to fashion, clothes and hair, and the artistic concept necessary to visually alter characteristics through the application of lighter and darker tones and corrective makeup. They will also be trained in the elements necessary for technical makeup and products, and the inspiring and exciting possibilities that exist in makeup design.


The students will learn to recognize the structure and function of bacteria and viruses by their type, growth, reproduction and ability to spread infections, and the regulations followed by schools and beauty salons regarding bacteria.


The students will benefit from this course as they will learn the proper way to apply eyelash extensions and tint eyebrows.


In this chapter the students will learn the steps to follow for a successful client consultation such as: the greeting, the proper tone of voice, establishing communication, filling out a consultation information sheet, asking questions, analyzing and evaluating and completing a service.


The students will learn to establish and describe the different types of properties, structure, function and requirements necessary to run a successful business, the law’s that govern a Full Specialist’s activities, the requirements for license renovation, the penalties for different infraction, and the security and health requirements of a beauty salon and in general, all the laws and rules established by the State of Florida.


The student will learn safety and health preservation, nail anatomy, bacteria, virus, molds, diseases and disorders of the nail, diseases and disorders of the skin, client consultation and job skills, including customer relations and salesmanship.


The student will learn to use manicuring implements, supplies and procedures in shaping and polishing the nails, the artful care of hands, proper arrangement and preparation of the manicure table, massage, plain and hot oil manicure and identifying and using various products.


The student will learn to use pedicuring complements, supplies, procedures in shaping and polishing the nails, the artful care of feet, proper arrangement and preparation of the pedicure area and supplies, massage, identifying and using various products, safety in the handling of tools and products, etc.


Students will be trained in the proper use of supplies and implements, the various products and their safe use, the application of a tip with an adhesive, the repair and maintenance of these services.


Students will be trained in the proper use of supplies and implements, the various products and their safe use, the applications of nail forms, the procedures of the application of acrylic to form a nail, the use of an electric nail file, proper procedures on problem nails and the repair and maintenance of this service.


The student will learn the application of the fiberglass over the natural nail or over an artificial nail, the proper use of supplies and implements, the procedure of using material to mend a break, the repair and maintenance of this service.


The student will learn the correct polishing procedures to express his or her creativity in different ways from simple patterns to detailed images and to use different accessories for nail art and the correct polishing procedures.


The students will learn the correct procedures and techniques to remove artificial nails.


The student will learn the correct way to apply product between nail cuticle and the grow out portion of the artificial nail.


The students will be required to complete the AIDS / HIV four (4) hours program and pass an examination before graduating. The school will provide this program or the student may obtain it in another center that is accredited by the State of Florida.

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